dr shaheen mian md

Dr. Shaheen Mian MD

I have been practicing Medicine for the last 34 years and during this period of time I have realized that psychosocial issues are as important as medical issues. How people cope with the environment, various stressors and aggravation of daily life can impact the mental,physical and emotional makeup of a person. Within ones self, attitude on life and perceptions are key to how one can pave the way for the future.

The common man is looking for an emotional connection with his or her physician along with the ability to get his concerns addressed. If they get some of both, their trip is worth their while. With the medical community under attack with changes on a day to day basis it has never been as hard as it is now to do our job. This has taken away patient-physician contact time and replaced it with mundane chores that do not require the expertise of a medical doctor. But inspite of challenges being thrown from everywhere, most doctors practice medicine for the love of it.

I am an Internist by training but have seen the whole spectrum of human illnesses, it's impact on lives of people and their families that are affected just as much as the patient himself or herself. This connection is bound to not be limited by time constraints and hence the reason why doctors are chronically late for appointments. I thank you for your time.

~ Shaheen Mian MD